Our Story


In 2005, Maurice Lockhart and I saw that there were no professional-quality shows coming out of Urban areas.  There was a true need for film/shows that were not demeaning to the people in the inner city.  Broadcast Media often showed us as violent criminals and mostly focused on negativity in our urban communities.   


It is with this proliferation of negative images being constantly shown, I worked to obtain a Bachelors's degree in Digital Media Arts, to combat and create a more positive and engaging brand of entertainment.  We acquired professional video/audio equipment and set forth to make a significant change in urban media with new assets under the media banner "Professional Hood Entertainment."  


Professional Hood Entertainment is now an entertainment powerhouse and media force with multiple high-quality films that are official selections in various Film Festivals around the United States.  We are flourishing in our mission with each film; which is to entertain with an elevated level of urban media content across all platforms.  We cover all aspects of media entertainment such as Video/Audio Production (Pre, Production, Post), Script Development / Consultation, and Visual Arts Design.

Our Mission


We believe in the power of storytelling to evoke powerful emotions, inspire conscience thought, and bring awareness to a multitude of social issues.  We also believe that everyone has a story to tell and will work to help you create your narrative in a dynamic visual medium. With experienced award-winning writers, we can take your idea from the basic concept and bring it to dazzling life on the big theatrical screen.  Our talented team will take your story idea through all phases of development/production to make it a finished product complete with an eye-catching signature Movie Poster Artwork.  We even offer DJ services for wrap parties, award events, etc… Professional Hood Entertainment is equipped to meet your digital media needs for any and all ceremonious events and can provide other services to help your social event/project run smoothly. “You tried entertainment services in the past that you thought was good now it’s time to take your projects/events to the next level with, Professional Hood!”


Bryan Bostic 

Co-Founder / Owner


Bryan Bostic is a filmmaker and entrepreneur.  He was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts for Digital Media Arts from California State University Dominguez Hills.  As an artist, Bryan's work focuses on comedy and making people who have often been misrepresented by the media gain awareness in a different light.  He is currently working on new and inventive projects.  His main focus is getting his films to the right platforms so he can showcase his talents and gain the respect of his peers.


Maurice Lockhart 

Co-Founder / C.E.O.

Maurice Lockhart is a writer and entrepreneur.  He was born in South Central Los Angeles.  Maurice always wanted to be a writer growing up, and he thought the perfect way to use his creativity was to become a screenwriter.  He knew early on he had the ability to create stories that invoked many different emotions from people.  In college, Maurice chose business as his major because he was always business-minded.  Maurice’s goal in life is to continue to create stories with a purpose that people can relate to around the world.